iBeacon framework for your consumer app

The Near iBeacon framework provides Retailers with a platform to communicate with customers within the physical space of their stores.

Plug the Near framework into your existing consumer app, or utilise the standalone Near App solution to activate your retail campaigns.

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Easy rewards for simple actions.

Reward your customers for simple things like entering a store, watching a video or downloading a coupon.

Enhance your customer loyalty.

Easily integrate your rewards program with Near, or let our reward program do the work for you.

Use beacons all over the place.

You can place beacons in cinemas, coffee shops, shopping malls or at the point of sale for broad engagement.

Meet the creators of Near:
A small team of innovators from Sydney, Australia

Near is the product of a small team based in Sydney, Australia who believe in the internet of things and can see the pace of change of retail.

We have been working in mobile since the first SDK. With years of digital agency experience behind us, we have produced dozens of apps, e-commerce sites and enterprise solutions. The experience creating these products has meant learning valuable lessons about the needs of retail and the importance of a great consumer experience.

Now you know who we are, who are you?

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Are you a retailer? Find out more about using Near here.